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Quality hot tubs and swim spas are the result of skilled craftsmanship, incredible innovation and exceptional engineering that is the Coast Spas brand of luxury high-end hot tubs. If you are seeking the absolute best in water therapy, relaxing entertainment and fun then we have a spa for you. Coast Spas builds hot tubs with quality and innovation at the forefront of every step. From the most advanced stereos, to self cleaning spas Coast is the definition of hydrotherapy innovation. From the simple yet effective Patio series of plug-in hot tubs to the most advanced hot tubs for massage and hydrotherapy on the earth - Coast has a spa for every need, even spas to swim and exercise in. Coast Spas designs hot tubs with vanishing infinity edges, with sleek lines and curvaceous molds accented by stunning light & sound effects, incredible cascading waterfalls and glowing jets. All conducted in a controlled quality oriented manufacturing center.

As Small Business Owners, We Trust in Brands that are Quality Certified

And so should you...The highest internationally recognized quality standard for manufacturing is ISO 9001:2008 certification. Manufacturers are Extensively Reviewed by Independent Annual Audits. Coast Spas is proud to have Achieved and Maintained ISO certification since 2003. Can you name one other spa manufacturer that can boast of that incredible accomplishment?

NEW Coast Connect™Waterfall Table

The Coast Connect™ Lit Waterfall Table connects via the Coast Connect™ Universal Fitting. This frosted table has an incredible waterfall that cascades around the entire outer lip of the table and is lit with multiple colors all controllable by the user. This light originates at the base of the table and follows the water as it travels along the underside of the table top.

Take your spa experience to the next level. Whether for cards, drinks or your waterproof remote, the convenience of a 12.5" table in the middle of your hot tub will appreciated for both form and function. The surface is textured and the raised outer table lip keeps objects securely positioned. Available on all New Coast Spas.

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Lit Waterfall Table

The Beauty of a Vanishing Edge Coast Spa - Can Now Be Yours

Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub
Coast Spas builds the only portable infinity (vanishing) edge hot tub and swim spa in the World. The entire Infinity Spa line boasts a water storage feature to provide zero water displacement and no unsightly telescoping skimmers, weirs or filter grates.

The largest waterfalls, most efficient skimmers and best unhindered views are available in the Cascade Series Vanishing Edge Spas.

Coast Spas are the ultimate hot tub.

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Public Hot Tubs Require Pressurized Closed Filtration Systems. Shouldn’t Yours?

The hot tub or spa at your public pool, gym, hotel or rec center is required by law to have a pressurized closed filtration system, but the hot tub you purchase from a dealer won’t have one - unless you have a Coast Spa. Coast Spas is one of the only hot tub companies in the world to offer Pressurized Filtration on all their premium hot tubs. Our Patented Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System, is the only commercial-grade pressurized filtration system in the hot tub market that forces debris to evenly distribute over the filter cartridge in a cyclonic motion. This integrated design of Water Diversion Blades directs water into rotating circular flow pattern around the outside canister wall before being cleaned by the filter.

83% More Efficient. 20% Faster.

Coast spas and Pleatco, the filtration leader, teamed up to test the effectiveness of the Coast spas filtration system. In independent testing from a New York Laboratory, using 5 pounds of silica dust. It was found that the Coast Spas’ Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System was 83% more efficient and 20% faster at clearing this silica from the spa water then the leading competitive filtration system. The filtration process works faster and more efficient thereby reducing the strain on your pumps and equipment resulting in a lower cost to operate. Over time this equates to significant cost savings, thus presenting a smaller environmental footprint. These small steps Coast takes to build a better spa not only provide the ultimate in filtration but can even help reduce energy usage, ie. global warming benefits to boot... all via equipment that has superior performance.
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Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub

State of the Art Control Systems

Monitor and Control your Coast Spa There's an App for That

Adjust water temperature, set filter cycles, activate jets, toggle lights on and off and even sync your spa clock with a touch of a button.
Click the Button Below for instructions on Installing your Wi-Fi App and operating your Spa from your I-Phone or Android Smart Phone or Tablet.
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Hot Tub Remote Control Application

Advanced Touch Screen

Color Touch Screen Controls are the future, Coast Luxury Spas have an easy-to-use control panel featuring a large multilingual color LCD interface with intuitive icons and easy to understand animations.

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Touch Screen Controls for your Hot Tub

The Most Advanced Therapy Pumps on the Planet

Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub

Intelligently Engineered for Max Energy Savings.

Coast Spas uses Xtreme Jet Pumps not only for their low failure rate and low cost to operate but because when mated to the proper plumbing and Jets, offer a truly effective massage. From the Monster Flow 7HP pump to the 1.5HP Smart Flow pump, all are designed to push the maximum pressure through to our specially designed Luxury Trillium Massage Jets. During the spa's filtration cycle, these same jet pumps are activated at one third the RPM, to pressurize the filtration system.

During the filtering cycle, Coast's Xtreme pumps will run on an ultra-low Amperage, using only 1.2Amps for our Yellow Super Flow Pumps. All Filtration cycles are fully programmable for duration and frequency. One more way Coast Spas is The Worlds Best Built Spa! During the programmed filtration time, your hot tub pumps will consume about as much power as your backyard aquarium pump yet turn over a much higher volume of water.

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Self-Cleaning Floor Sweeper Jet

Debris and Contaminants naturally settle to the Floor of a Hot Tub. Coast Spas Developed the Sweeper Jet to help with cleaning this hard to reach space. Dirt, sand and other debris will find it's way into your hot tub, whether by feet, wind, trees or a structure above. Regardless of how it gets into your hot tub, you want it gone.

Coast's Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet is activated during the filtration cycle and blasts the collected dirt, sand and other debris off the floor to be drawn into the filtration system. It's incredible how something so small can make such a huge difference to your hot tub cleanliness and ultimate enjoyment.

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Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub

The Strongest Spa Shells in the Industry

Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub

Coast Spas® partnered with Owens Corning® (Pink Panther)to Deliver the Toughest and Most Durable Fiberglass Backed Acrylic Shells. Your Coast hot tub starts its life as a flat sheet of premium acrylic. Thru Heat and Molded Suction, it is formed to take on the shape of a hot tub, at this point the acrylic is easily damaged.

Using high-grade Owens Corning® fiberglass, Coast spas places layer after layer to create a formidable structure. Construction specialists compress these fiberglass layers then inlay Steel angle iron for additional support in specific structural areas.

Additional layers of Owens Corning® fiberglass are then added (up to 12 layers typically per Model) and compressed again, to complete the acrylic shell reinforcement.

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Developed with your body in mind, Silk Spas use patented MicroSilk® technology which delivers benefits unlike any other form of hydrotherapy. Natural and non-invasive, tiny micro bubbles gently penetrate the skin and envelops the body: Relieves irritation, Soothes aches and pains, Encourages metabolism, Fights free radicals, Promotes Total Body wellness.

MicroSilk® bubbles are negatively charged attracting them to the skin and allowing them to lift out impurities. The oxygen inside is a natural antibacterial substance.

In just 20 minutes, a Silk Spa™ can provide a non-invasive, natural solution for cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and softening of the skin.

The Silk hydrotherapy spa provides an additive-free cleansing experience to relieve itching, providing pure relaxation as micro-bubbles enter the tub and increase oxygen levels in the water up to 70%.

The cleansing power of micro-bubbles, combined with the energizing power of oxygen, and superior hydration capabilities soothes any skin irritations, relaxing the whole body.

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MicroSilk Spas

Treat Skin Conditions & Get Younger, Smoother Looking Skin

MicroSilk Spas

End2End Custom Swim Spa Covers

E2E Roll-up Covers are the best swim spa covers you will ever own!

The one-piece design creates a complete seal all around the swim spa, locking in the heat, lowering energy consumption and helping recoup your investment.

With the use of closed-cell foam insulation, this unique roll-up Cover resists water absorption yet remains light and efficient. Easily Opened by a single family member.

Built to last in the SouthEast's Brutal elements and weather conditions
Fully framed to handle our occasional wind and rain load.

The fabric and thread will not deteriorate in direct sunlight with UV quality commercial grade materials, providing a strong, durable, locking safety cover for your swim spa.

Designed to roll in either direction, perfect for dual temperature swim spas by rolling back the pool side for daily swimming or the spa side for nightly relaxation.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, custom built for your application and needs with; accessibility, energy efficiency, and longevity as the primary focus.

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